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We strongly believe each dog & cat has a right to have decent live and should be treated with respect.

We believe in human kindness, compassion and love. We believe in miracles.

Let’s prove all together that miracles do exist!


PetConnect is an Animal Rescue Organization.We give animals who do not have a chance to be adopted in their country of origin a home and a loving family.

Do you know that In Russia, Ukraine, millions of dogs and cats are taken out of the street and locked up in municipal shelters?  

They are locked in a small cage in horrible conditions until they finally die. They have no future.

We collaborate with local volunteers and private shelters in Eastern Europe.

They take these animals from municipals shelters and directly from the streets, give them necessary medical help, chip them, vaccinate, socialize, prepare documents and passwords so those animals can travel to Europe.

In the meantime, we are searching for a perfect home for those animals in Belgium or a temporary hosting family. We are visiting potential adaptants, we facilitate transportation of our animals from Eastern Europe to Belgium, we assist our adaptants with animal registration, adaptation. 


We assure that we can take an animal back if something is not working between an adaptant and a pet. We do post visits to check how our protégé are doing in their new families; we prepare and send reports to our volunteers in Russia & Ukraine and ex hosting family if they want so. As you can see, we cannot do all by ourselves, we need your support!

Do you want to become part of our family? Check for several possibilities how you can be involved…

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PetConnect asbl team in action

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