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Chloe! This is an incredible story proving, that miracles do exist!

In a Russian town called Kursk there lived a stray dog. One among many others stray dogs.

People called her Julka. She lived on the streets; some people gave her food, others beat her and even tried to poison a few times. Nevertheless, she survived and did not lose faith in humans.

One evening when it was really cold, minus 22C. A PetConnect volunteer walked by. Julka decided to follow her hoping to snick inside to get away from cold.

The volunteer let her in.

It was clear that Julka could not be let outside into the freezing winter night.

And so she stayed.

Not only that! The volunteer decided to find her a home.

So, this is how Julka became Chloe. She went the vet for a checkup, got a passport and chip.

It looked like she always was living in a house. She was smart, funny and she had very good manners. She proudly walked on a leash like she was saying “Look, I will have a home soon”.

Very quickly the volunteer got contacted by some very nice people from Belgium, who really wanted to have Chloe as a part of their family.

This was the time for Chloe to start her long journey!

First taxi to the train station.

Then a nine hours journey on the train. Chloe was very excited and spent a lot of time looking outside the window.

Then a taxi to the hotel through a big busy city with lot of people, bright lights and exiting smells and noises.

A night in the hotel before the final shot.

And then the last step – plain to Brussels.

Mom & Dad came to pick her up at the airport and were very happy to finally meet our audacious Chloe!

Now she is loved and cared for, as she well deserved.

Have a happy long happy life, sweetheart.

We wish you all the best!

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Hartverscheurend. Maar wat een goede afloop. Veel dank voor alle mensen die haar gered hebben en van haar houden.


Nora Croonen
Nora Croonen
Jul 29, 2022

So beautiful. She deserves all the love.

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