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18-08-2020. A day to remember! @PetConnect.

As you know, due to the current situation with Covid-19, it is really challenging to travel. But to transport the dogs through five countries is even harder. So many things could gone wrong. Visas, border openings, custom clearance, administration issues, AFSCA, bus availability, etc… In truth, we did not even imagine how hard this would be! In addition, at the latest minute prior to boarding, one of our dogs was so scared that we had to decide not to take her on board. Of course, all the documents had already been issued for 13 dogs and we needed to amend all of them in less than 12 hours.

We do not want to bore you with details. Let’s just say we did it! At some point, we even thought it would not work. However, our commitment to adoptants and the dogs gave us power to move on. And the miracle happened! Thanks to volonteerts in Russia, PetConnect members, our driver Vasilij, adoptants who pationatelly waited for their furry babies to arrive... And of cause the dogs, the real heros, who crossed over 3000 km without knowing where they are going to, and what lies ahead...

Yesterday, at 11 :30 pm, the bus with 12 precious lives finally arrived!

We were not sure what to expect, how the dogs would survive the journey, how they would feel and behave.

It was indeed a miracle and there is no other words to describe it !

The dogs were confused for a second but then they received so much love and attention from their families that after just 5 minutes they all felt much better.

And again, thank you all very much! The hard working volunteers, sponsors and our dear adoptants for taking those dogs into your familiy and into your life!

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