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Bambuk . Reserved!






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Small young dog Bambuk (03.04.2022), 36 cm and 6 kg. It is a mix of Chihuahua and mini Aussie. Irresponsible people didn't take care of their dog and it gave birth to two puppies, one died and the other survived and grew, they wanted to sell it - it didn't work out and they took it to the animal shelter. The little one is now with a temporary family. Apparently he has never known human affection and care, he is a bit sad and shy, he is not a dominant active dog. He will be confused in his new environment, it will take some time for him to become courageous. Bambuk walks on a leash, he is potty trained, and he is perfect at the vet and in the car. He is very kind and gentle and friendly to all animals. We are looking for a quiet and responsible family with enough free time for his dog. Bambuk is healthy, vaccinated and neutered. He's ready for a trip to meet his mom and dad!

The adoption is done through the PetConnect association with an official agreement. The adoption costs are € 400 (transport in Belgium, vaccines, passport, electronic chip).
For this price you have a unique dog. We as PetConnect continue to guide and support you during the adoption and adaptation of our dogs.

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